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Stadnina Koni Huculskich Nielepice

Rudawa, Lesser Poland, Polska
Riding ability:
Beginner Intermediate Intermediate + Advanced
Riding ability:
Beginner Intermediate Intermediate + Advanced

Offer description

The Hutsul Horse Stud in Nielepice is an amazing place full of passion for the Hutsuls and Hutsul culture. The agritourism farm has about 40 Hutsul horses, which are the main attraction of the place. This is the perfect breed to start the adventure with equestrianism, as well as great and persistent companions for long-distance rallies. The "Transjurassic Horse Trail" starts at the Hucul Horse Stud in Nielepice and leads through Zawada, Małobądz, Mirów, Ogrodzieniec, Złoty Potok, up to Częstochowa (a 250 km trail). The stud organizes many horse trails (1- and several days) and stays horse trips in the area, mainly in picturesque fragments of the Tęczyński Hump, Brzoskwini Valley and Mnikowska Valley.

In addition, on the farm, at every step, we encounter rich collections of old folk pottery, old wooden farm tools, folk Hutsul costumes. Apart from horse trips, it's also possible to have a chance to meet live Hutsul culture, bake your own bread or master pottery classes, as well as gather around the campfire and many other attractions that come with SKH Nielepice.


The area of Nielepice near Krakow offers opportunity to see valuable tourist attractions such as:

  • The oldest peasant hut in the village of Nielepice (from 1875), which was the last cottage in the area (1 km)
  • Beautiful, old "cracovian" huts in Kleszczów (2 km)
  • Tenczyński Castle in Rudno (17 km)
  • Ojcowski National Park with the Ojców Castle, the Łokietek Cave, the Krakowska Gate, Pieskowa Skała or Maczuga Herkulesa (25 km)
  • The Benedictine Abbey in Tyniec (19 km)
  • and finally Krakow, rich in countless attractions (25 km to the center)

The farm provides:

  • home-made meals
  • accommodation in dormitory rooms with shared bathrooms
  • care of horse-riding instructors and guides
  • Wi-Fi: available on the farm
  • Parking: available free on site
  • Possibility of arrival with a dog: available at an additional cost
  • The possibility of arrival with a horse: none
  • The nearest public transport stop: bus stop "Nielepice Stadnina" just in front of the agrotourism (bus number 258)



We invite you to SKH Nielepice for 1-day stationary trails and multi-day trails with camping elements. A  trail with bivouac elements is a completely different adventure. Smoke from the fire, snorting horses in the dark, crickets playing evening concerts, stars above their heads and morning dew on their feet ... These and more pleasures await during horse-riding trails. Hammock and tent, foam pad and sleeping bag, bonfire and cauldron, coffee brewed in a mess tin, voices of animals roaming the forest at night and morning bird concert.


The offer includes:

  • renting a horse with equipment
  • guide's care
  • alimentation
  • accommodation / camping

Required skills in all gaits (walk, trot, canter, gallop).

Multi-day trails are dedicated to adults. We invite families for weekends with 1-day trails.


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