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Easy booking

With EQUITANDUM you can easily find and book your riding trip. Below are some tips on how to book a riding holiday in 4 steps.


1. Find a place suitable for you

Using the "Locations" tab, you can choose an equestrian center using search filters or by browsing below all the centers. Each place can be assessed immediately on the basis of the country, region and town, as well as the starting price.


2. Select a location and your stay

After selecting an equestrian center, you may read the description of the given place. You will find information about the location and its history, stays on offer and other attractions in the area, as well as information on accommodation, meals, arrival times, or the possibility of arrival with a dog or your own horse.


Below the description you will find "tiles" with stays on offer. If you have already applied filters when searching the locations, only stays that meet your requirements will show up. You can also change the filters here and after clicking "Search" the stays will be updated.


Choose a stay you are interested in and click "Book". Fill in the booking inquiry form, appropriately identifying individuals as "Rider" or "Accompanying Person" - provide information about riders, so that locations may determine the availability of a suitable horse. If you have any other information that you would like to provide us with - put it in the "Comments" box.


The prices given for all stays apply to riders. If there is a non-riders option available, then simply choose a stay and indicate "accompanying persons" in the booking inquiry form. With the confirmation you will receive from us prices listed for each participant. The price for non-riding persons will be lower than specified for riders.


Insurance policy section is important for people traveling abroad. If you already have travel insurance for the dates of your stay covering horse riding, you can provide it in the form. You can also send us the necessary details later after purchasing the appropriate travel insurance.


You click "Submit" and that's it!

3. Confirmation of the reservation

EQUITANDUM confirms availability of your stay and makes a booking with the equestrian center within 2 working days. Along with the confirmation of your stay, you will receive information regarding payment.


Payments are made by bank transfer or online via PayPal by the dates indicated on the confirmation. For stays booked earlier than 6 weeks prior to the arrival date, an advance payment of 30% of the total value is required, and for stays booked later than 6 weeks before the arrival date, full payment is required.

4. Payment and you're ready to go!

When we receive the full amount paid, we send the final confirmation of your booking. If your stay requires special information, for example in terms of preparing for departure or completing additional required documentation, you will receive from us an appropriate message a few weeks before your stay begins.


Now you only have to pack your luggage, travel to the equestrian center and enjoy your horseback riding holiday!


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