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Horse trails



Stajnia Terenowo-Rajdowa Nawojowa Góra - Nawojowa Góra, Lesser Poland

Explore the surroundings of Cracow, via the ruins of the castles of the Eagles' Nests Trail to the Błędowska Desert. The offer includes horse trail tours for adults.

Detailed descriptions of individual trails can be found on the page of the Nawojowa Góra Stable. Horse trails take place regardless of the weather.


The offer includes:

  • renting a horse
  • the care of instructors and horse tourism guides
  • accommodation in double, four and multi-bed rooms with access to the bathroom
  • meals: breakfasts and dinners, packed lunch for the way.

Meeting on site for horse trails at 9:00 am on the first day. Accommodation for the night before the trails is available in nearby guesthouses.


Opportunity to participate in horse trails with your own horse on individual request.

Participation in trails only with a helmet. Required skills to move freely in the field in all gaits.

Polish Jurassic Highland horse trail2022-08-05 - 2022-08-07Wyprzedany
Girls Only Horse Trail2022-10-15 - 2022-10-16Wyprzedany
More information about the location Stajnia Terenowo-Rajdowa Nawojowa Góra - Nawojowa Góra



Ride Sicily - Castiglione di Sicilia, Sicily

Feel the sun of Sicily and enjoy the views of the Mediterranean Sea from Mount Etna. Discover the mysterious nooks and crannies hidden among rocks and streams. Explore the charming Sicilian towns and their narrow streets on horseback. Taste delicious Sicilian cuisine and Italian hospitality.

For descriptions of individual horse trails see the Ride Sicily tab. 


Horse trails only for adults.


The offer includes:

  • Transfers to and from the airport (flight and on your own)
  • Hiring a horse for the trail with a choice of an English or Western saddle, toque / helmet
  • Guide care
  • Full board
  • All nights in high-quality accommodation (shared room, supplement to a single room)


The price does not include a flight to Sicily and travel insurance including horse riding.

Wild Sicily: Madonie - Etna2022-04-30 - 2022-05-07Wyprzedany
Madonie Trail2022-05-07 - 2022-05-14Wyprzedany
Coast to Coast 2022-05-21 - 2022-05-28Wyprzedany
Wild Sicily: Madonie - Etna2022-05-28 - 2022-06-04Wyprzedany
Wild Sicily: Madonie - Etna2022-06-18 - 2022-06-25Wyprzedany
Wild Sicily: Madonie - Etna2022-07-02 - 2022-07-09Wyprzedany
Tour of Etna2022-07-09 - 2022-07-16Wyprzedany
Madonie Trail2022-07-16 - 2022-07-23Wyprzedany
Wild Sicily: Madonie - Etna2022-08-27 - 2022-09-03Wyprzedany
Madonie Trail2022-09-03 - 2022-09-10Wyprzedany
Deep Sicily2022-09-17 - 2022-09-24Wyprzedany
Madonie Trail2022-09-24 - 2022-10-01Wyprzedany
Coast to Coast 2022-10-08 - 2022-10-15Wyprzedany
Madonie Trail2022-10-15 - 2022-10-22Wyprzedany
Wild Sicily: Madonie - Etna2022-10-29 - 2022-11-05Wyprzedany
More information about the location Ride Sicily - Castiglione di Sicilia