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Why riding holidays allow for great regeneration?


We mostly associate Rest and regeneration after an intensive period at work, at school or at university with lying by the water doing nothing. However, research shows that in order to have an effective rest, there should be a healthy balance between work and leisure.

The fact is - we sleep 30% of our lives. Half of the remaining 70% should be spent on regeneration (okay, maybe a bit more during holidays), and about 30% of our time should be spent on some type of work. It turns out that if we disrupt these relationships, our rest may not be as effective as we would expect.


Riding lessons some time agoYou'll say I'm crazy - spend 30% of my time working on holidays? And yet! As work, our brain perceives every active task that it has to do and on which to focus. Planning a vacation is also a kind of work, and then, for example, sightseeing, trips, diving lessons and others. That is why not only our body can rest without excessive tension, but also our brain. Taking care of appropriate balance rest is an extremely important, even necessary and obligatory part of our productivity.


So when are we really resting? How the body can relax and freely express the emotions perceived by the brain during its work, among others while riding. It's a bit complicated, but after a moment's thought it becomes clear.


Imagine that you are starting your adventure with horse riding. Your body has to move differently than it does on a daily basis. For an hour (not 8 hours) your brain has to focus on engaging and controlling your body. And now the first self-steering of the horse, the first canter, the first little jump ... It's the child's joy of unstoppable endorphins - the happiness hormone released in your body.

Horse trail in Podlasie - August 2020We experience the same during all equestrian activities. Those who have experienced the joy of participating in horse trails in their lives and were able to watch with bated breath the beautiful views that are only available from the horseback exactly know what I'm talking about and do not need to be convinced. And muscle fatigue today means that tomorrow we have the strength to move the mountains.


Active regeneration of the body and brain helps us to work more efficiently, better, faster, have more adequate reactions or reflexes, and allows us to focus more easily. Making decisions and remembering new things becomes easier and problems with short-term memory are much smaller. This is confirmed by the results of a four-year study conducted by Giulio Tononi and Chiara Cirelli from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. A tired mind works automatically - that is, without consciously, attentively perceiving stimuli and reacting. The brain then relies on our habits, which are not necessarily healthy or supportive.


That is why I heartily recommend holidays in the saddle in any form - I hope that you will find a trip for yourself in our offer. Check >>> HERE <<<