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Why is it worth to go even for only a short break?


Daily hassle, work, school, home, stress ... We come to the stable to relax after a day or a week, and the trainer tells us that we shall relax in the saddle. But we are loosened! That's what we come to the stable. And yet the tensions in the body are still present. Therefore, we encourage to plan even only a short break to reenergize. More about the benefits in today's post :)

You can be uptight in the saddle even if riding makes you very happy. If your body is too tense and stiff during the ride, it will make it difficult to follow the horse's movement and ride in harmony. It's all about the muscles. Get rid of this tension and you'll see that cooperation horse-rider will be better and new elements will come easier.


When we leave for vacation - for a weekend or for a longer holiday, we eliminate at least some of the stress factors. And then we are closer to loosening our muscles and body. Contemporary man is lacking the skill of being "here and now", that is, in contact with himself, with the feelings flowing from his body.


Therefore, if you feel that you are going to relax in the stable, because so much going on in your life, 1-2 hours in the saddle is not enough for a full regeneration of the body. Horse will feel your stress in your body. To unlock some tensions you'll need to take a rest that will allow relaxation not only for the body, but also for your mind, and then the appropriate muscle relaxation will come along.


When you attend regular riding trainings, after an even short break, does your trainer tell you that you sit better? Exactly - those are the effects of a riding getaway :)


Your body must be an extension of the horse - it has to adapt smoothly to the horse's movement, "stick" to the saddle, and get carried away in harmony with the horse. The horse senses the rider - if you relax, the horse will do so too.


On our site you will find amazing places where you can rest and relax, practice your riding skills or just spend time on trips in the area or during a horse trail in Poland. We also have places for you where you can regenerate your body in the SPA or during a massage - check out Hotel KARINO SPA :)


We wish you wonderful and relaxing horseback travels!