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Why do we need holidays?


Who doesn’t like holidays?  Trips, new places, attractions, meetings with friends - a time when you can enjoy the moment, without having to remember all the daily matters and obligations. Sometimes we would like the holidays to last forever, so we long for them to come sooner. Why are holidays so needed?

The advantages of resting in the form of holidays are numerous. They allow for a significant regeneration of the body in a relatively short time - they increase productivity, accelerate brain functions, and improve the quality of sleep, and reduce the risk of heart disease. So, briefly:

During the holidays, our brain is completely relaxed. Therefore, holidays are a necessary dose of rest, which allows for its full regeneration. Thanks to this, we are able to absorb and process new information much easier and faster.
The impression that problems after the holidays disappear is not taken out of nowhere. It is thanks to the holidays that our brain is able to focus more easily on a particular task - solving problems. By allowing you to think things through in calm manner, sometimes leads to completely new, much better solutions that you would think of when tired.

Studies show that regular, annual rest can reduce the risk of serious illness by as much as 21%. No need to add anything more. Holidays are a time when we can afford laziness, including sleeping longer. You sleep better, you live better.

When meeting people after holiday, are they telling you that you look great? Because it's true! Rested, physically and mentally regenerated, we have a much better frame of mind and, thanks to that, we are also much more effective. Visiting, getting to know new places and diverse cultures increases our creativity as well.

No wonder that holidays are the best motivator. With a planned vacation, we have the impression that time passes a bit faster, and the work makes a bit more sense.

Therefore, don’t wait - plan your next trip today. Weekends are also a good holiday! A planned trip for a weekend will have a similar effect as scheduled annual long holidays. Maybe we will not let go of all physical fatigue, but our brain will receive a long-awaited dose of rest, so that Monday will not be so terrible.

In the EQUITANDUM offer you will find many different forms of holidays - 4-day weekends in the Galiny Palace, 1-day weekend trails in SKH Nielepice or Stanica Hucul with a carriage ride on Sunday, family trips to Modry Ganek, as well as stays full of horses in ISKRA, which has joined EQUITANDUM just recently!