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What to pack for winter horse camp?


Winter in full, the winter half-term holidays have started and the luggage is still unpacked? We will suggest what to take for the winter riding holidays.

Winter can be capricious in Poland, so be sure to check the weather conditions in the place where you are going. And then you know, if the place is covered in 2-meters snow and the temperature is -10°C, or it is raining and it's +2°C, or is it already spring and alternately it's raining and sunny at a temperature from zero to +10°C (yes, that happens in Poland). It's probably best to dress up on the onion.

And now equestrian concretes!

  • Riding clothing - breeches, or pants without internal seams - preferably 2 pairs,
  • Thermoboots, long boots, short boots and chaps, or just warm shoes on a flat, hard sole - so that you can ride them comfortably in a way that the ankle is movable
  • Riding socks - if you ride in shoes to ankle, it is worth to stock up with riding socks, thanks to which pants or breeches will not tuck up and you will not hurt your calves while riding
  • Gloves - two pairs, for riding and for fun in the snow;)
  • Helmet / toque - if you have your own, be sure to remember it, if you are just starting your adventure with horse riding, check whether it is possible to rent a helmet in a given place. Around horses, always remember to wear a helmet on your head! It should be well adjusted so that it does not fall on your eyes with a strong forward shake of the head. The helmet is for protection, not for decoration!
  • Do you have your palcat or whip? If you can, take it with you, but mark it well by wrapping a handle with a yarn or a colored ribbon - in this way, even if you lose it,  you will have a better chance of finding it
  • Winter jacket - ideal for winter trips to the field and for cleaning in the stable, so that playing with horses does not end in illness and staying in bed ...
  • Winter warm pants - it's snowing, it's fun! There is no snow, it's blowing, and it's cold ... and then it will be useful. Is it +10? In the morning it will be near zero and then it will also be useful for helping with the horses at the stables.
  • If you have thermal underwear, it is worth taking it for winter trips - in the field as well as for playing in the snow it will work perfectly.


And the most important - good humor and a positive attitude!

We wish you great winter trips on the horse's back!

Barbara & Magnificent 7