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What to pack for a horse riding holiday?


Holiday trips are just around the corner! We enter this beautiful summer time spent on the horse's back - weekends, trails, camps and other horsey trips. Experienced riders know well their list of things to take, but those of you who are going for the first time certainly ask themselves what to bring in your suitcase.

Let's start with the fact that horse riding is a sport, so it's definitely a sports outfit, which is why we focus on practicality, safety and comfort.

- elastic, long trousers without seams on the inside of the leg - to prevent abrasion of the legs while riding. They can be leggings or not too wide sweatpants (ortalion and jeans do not qualify!). For horse riding, even in the greatest heat, do not wear shorts or even skirts, because legs' abrasions can be really painful!


If you have the possibility to buy breeches, then we recommend for longer trips like camps. Lightweight and inexpensive breeches are available in equestrian stores, and thanks to this you will gain additional stability with a special funnel that prevents slipping in the saddle.


- beginners are perfectly satisfied with full shoes on a flat sole, e.g. sneakers, which ensure safety and comfort during horse riding and horse grooming activities. If you want to start a horse riding adventure for good, you can also buy short boots covering the ankle, to which the staffing / training caps are dressed, which are designed to stiffen the calf and strengthen its action as well as protect against abrasions.


- useful not only in winter :) they prevent hand chafing and make it easier to keep the reins. Riding gloves can be bought inexpensively in any store with equestrian accessories.


When choosing a wardrobe for a trip, remember that horses are animals and are sometimes dirty, the stable does not belong to the cleanest places either ;) take clothes that you can easily wash or on which dirt will not be very visible.


White shirts look nice, but they do not go on a holiday in the saddle! We invite you to our store, where you will find women's polo shirts ideal for trips on horseback!


Have a nice trip!