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Welcome spring on horse's back


Gallop in a forests and meadows, wind in your hair and unforgettable adventures on horseback... The awaited spring has come, and along with it a desire to go beyond the walls of an indoor riding arena and move the training to the outdoors and go hacking. Hacking makes us dream about the sense of freedom that can be experienced during a short trip. At the beginning of spring it is a perfect topic for a post on our EQUI-blog.

Each of us probably remembers the first hack, when we could control already the horse enough, so that the instructor allowed us to take part in a small trip. It's a natural environment for horse riding!

Hacking is an ideal complement to training - it allows us to de-stress - both the rider and the horse. Additionally, being outdoors, visiting on top beautiful landscapes of our country are additional advantages of horse trips. Such an expedition is not only entertainment for a horse, but also an opportunity to practice rider's skills. Riding in the field is a great opportunity to practice the way you sit and your balance, it is a great gymnastics for both the rider and the horse - so different from the one in the riding school.

Trips to the woods are also a good lesson on how to communicate with our horse. The horse has great intuition and sometimes it is worth trusting him, for example when he stubbornly refuses to enter deep water. There may be marshy meadows and it is better to choose a different path than to force a horse to move in a place, which he does not trust. The horse can assess its capabilities.

It is worth noting, also, that horses will estimate distances well, e.g. in the narrow passages between the trees, but they do not always take into account the rider's knee or his height over the saddle. It is worth keeping this in mind and communicate to the horse with your legs that the horse shall move on the path that you draw between the trees, so you don’t damage your knees or legs against a tree or hit a low hanging branch (especially in a trot, and even more so in canter and gallop).

We hope that we have encouraged you to set foot outside the indoor arenas and enjoy hacking - always remember about security, about which we will write in more detail in next posts.