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Weekend in the saddle - we're chargin batteries


A weekend in the saddle is a way for a short trip to fully charge the batteries. Do you know that every planned trip to rest gives the same effect of feeling of time? This is the best motivator, because having a planned vacation, we have the impression that the time passes a little faster, and doing tasks makes more sense.

Interestingly, it is the planned rest that allows for a greater regeneration of the body. Short holidays in the form of a weekend trip increase productivity, accelerate brain functions, as well as improve sleep quality, and reduce the risk of heart disease. During those 2 days, we may not sleep off all physical fatigue, but our brain will receive the expected dose of peace, so that Monday will not be so terrible.


People who regularly ride horses know the importance of proper relaxation in the body for good communication with the horse. Unfortunately, we often bring our everyday activities to the stable, and the body is still a little stiff and tense. Let's plan a trip to the saddle for the weekend from time to time - then we eliminate some of the stressors while being among our favorite four-ungulates. After such a rest we will feel the right distance and it will be closer to the relaxation of muscles and body.

Everything is cool, but you don't want to look for offers for the weekend in the saddle? We can do it - in the "Locations" tab select the filter "Weekend in the saddle"! All places offering this form of short rest will be shown. To many places you can also come for family trip with not all of you riding - everyone will find something interesting to do!

Picture taken during a trip with a friend to the ASSANYA Horse Settlement for a weekend in the saddle :)

Ahoy adventure!