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The longest horse trail in Europe is in... Poland!


Major Henryk Dobrzański "Hubal" Lodzki Horse Trail is over 2,000 km long 

Over 2,000 km of length, about 200 horse-riding centers, 21 resting spaces for riders and horses, and 30 information points - this is how the Łódź Horse-riding Route looks like in numbers. The patron of the Łódź Horse Trail is Henryk Dobrzański vel "Hubal", who together with his division became famous for his heroic attitude during World War II. This figure is closely connected with the riding traditions of the Łódź Province and creates its historical identity.


The trail consists of two loops - inner and outer - which for tourists' convenience have been divided into smaller, 20-kilometer sections marked according to PTTK guidelines. At the time of the first marking, the route was 1,817 km long, wih the outer loop consisting of 49 sections with a total length of 1,461 km, and the inner one - 12 sections with a total length of 356 km. At the initiative of local horse riding centers, the route has been extended by more than 200 km of new routes and its current length has exceeded 2,000 km.


The route was a part of the co-financed project "Tourism in the saddle - infrastructure of an innovative and unique tourist product".