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The holiday in the saddle period has begun!


The time has come! Expected by children, planned by adults, loved by everyone! HOLIDAYS! This year it has started with a long weekend, which additionally made many of us happy. Without hesitation, we went for a short 1-day horse trail with Stadnina Koni Huculskich Nielepice!

The idea of ​​weekends in the saddle is the closest for me - I leave in the afternoon and I immediately get detached from everyday life. I am coming to a place where great hosts are waiting for me, ponies happily crawling in the pastures preparing for a night rest. Me too :) I left my to-do list far behind and I can enjoy the time off.


Thursday - Corpus Christi - early morning wake up and Holy Mass in a nearby church. An opportunity to explore the area from a different perspective than the tourist route. Then it's time for breakfast and coffee, then packing the saddlebags... We're going for a one-day horse trail!


The guides have allocated horses, each of us prepared his horse-companion for the road and we set off. See for yourself - our relationship is short, although the whole trail lasted 10 hours. We were not bored - on the contrary :) A slight twinge of regret that this adventure on horseback was over was unavoidable. And after the horses were led to the pasture, a peculiar emptiness was filled the conversation over dinner.


It was quite hot in the recent days in Poland! On the way back we even used the stop at the gas station. But not for fuel, just to top up the water, Coca-Cola and other non-alcoholic drinks quenching thirst ;)


Soon autumn trails will be on offer! Make sure to check the SKH Nielepice card so that you do not miss the adventure with the Hutcul horse companion.