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Skiing holidays with horse riding


As you already know from our Facebook and Instagram - in March we had an opportunity to go to Italy to do some skiing ... and of course horse riding :) We could not miss any opportunity for horse riding in a beautiful area! In Italy it was already a sunny and vibrant spring in the valley, while in the mountains there was a light frost and plenty of snow for skiing craziness. During our stay in Italy, not only did we go horseback riding and skiing, but we also visited some with local equestrian centers. We hope that we'll have some skiing-horseriding combo offer for you :)

These sports are incredibly complementary, not only in the case of skiring (horse + skier) and ski-skiring (horse + rider + skier), but also in terms of the impact of practicing one sport on the effects in the other sport. The possibility of combining both sports during one trip, made me realize how compatible these sports are. I had the opportunity to observe the body's reactions on the same day during skiing and horse riding.

The body posture during skiing allows you to work on many aspects of riding in the saddle, eg:

  • independent body movement - top vs bottom
  • hips work in turns with the upper body position unchanged
  • standing on the entire foot (not only on the toes, or only on the heel)
  • maintaining body in forward movement and not staying behind
  • balancing in the knees as if they were hinges (cross and fun-park were perfect for that!)


After active time each day we added some proper relaxation with Tai Chi for Equestrians, yoga, swimming, jacuzzi, followed by time in a relaxation zone with a good book in hand - preferably from "Ride with your mind" series. Then it pays back a lot in the saddle :)


It's definitely just one of the many sports that impact horse riding, so definitely there will be some more articles coming ;)