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Is it worth learning to ride a horse on vacation?


Vacation is a time when we like to relax, try something new, be more active, eat better, etc. Just take care of ourselves. It is finally time for us, our family and friends. And when a thought arises whether it would be fun to learn how to ride a horse, we begin to wonder if a holiday trip is a good time for such a decision.

Yes, of course! On vacation, we are relaxed, away from everyday worries and stress, and our body makes it easier to relax. However, it is worth getting ready for it. If you have never been in contact with horses before, we recommend that, before you decide to go to your first horseback holiday, you find a stable in your area and go to see the horses and the atmosphere. See how the horses react to a man, you can see how someone cleans and saddles a horse for training, you may watch people riding during classes.

You found that you like this sport and want to try your hand. Cool! So why on vacation and not, let's say, once a week on a weekend or after work? Because in the beginning the amount of muscle that will work in your body will surprise you! You will get tired, and on vacation you do not have to worry about physical fatigue, and at the same time, it is a great rest for your brain! The body produces endorphins during exercise, you focus your thoughts on something new and I assure you that the well-being after such a vacation will be great!

In addition, while on vacation you do not fall into the everyday routines and you can work on your body so that it will not be so sore. A bath in the pool, some cycling or a walk to the forest will also effectively relax muscles after your horse riding lesson so that you will see progress every day.

And after returning, go to classes to the previously known stables, tell how your holiday trips looked, and the instructors will guide you further through horse riding lessons.

Ahoy adventure! We invite you to travel together on horseback!