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Is horse riding an extreme sport?


Yes. For insurance companies horse riding is an extreme sport.

When completing our booking form, you are probably wondering why there is an insurance section for riders. We’re explaining.

The insurance section is not marked as mandatory to complete when booking. Poles leaving for a weekend or holiday in the saddle in Poland are covered by health insurance from the National Health Fund and do not need an additional insurance policy – similar applies to citizens of a given country traveling within their country. The situation is different when traveling abroad. However, for those who ride regularly we advise to ensure that horse riding is also covered in your life policies.


The situation is different when traveling abroad. For the citizen of the EU the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) is a proof that the person pays health insurance contributions in the country of residence and thus has the right to use public health care in the European Union. It is an important document for the EU citizen to remember about before every foreign trip to the countries of the European community. On its basis, you can use the public health service of the country where you are on the same terms and to the same extent as nationals of that country. The most important thing is probably the fact that it is free of charge. One should only remember to submit the application in advance, especially during the holiday season.


On the other hand, the EHIC provides only free access to public health care in the event of an emergency, under the same conditions as those enjoyed by every citizen of a given EU country. This does not apply to the payment of a family stay during treatment, medical transport (if you would need a helicopter) or transport of corpses (which we do not wish anyone).

That is why it is worth to buy travel insurance, which covers horse riding. The insurance of a riding holiday is really inexpensive and will ensure a return to the country without an additional bill. Many insurers treat horse riding as an extreme sport or high-risk sport due to the fact that we are dealing here with a live animal that can be unpredictable.

Our insurance section come in here. If you already have such insurance purchased, while planning a trip, you can immediately fill in the given fields or send us this information later. Without information on insurance, many foreign equestrian centers will not confirm the reservation.

Let's be safe on holidays, and if anything happens, let's be prepared.