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Is a riding getaway in autumn a good idea?


Horse riding is a year-round sport, but when it gets colder, we start to wonder if riding getaway for a long weekend in November is a good idea. It's colder now, the weather is more unpredictable, and it's getting darker faster. We will try to convince you today to the those autumn equestrian trips.

Maybe the weather is unpredictable, but it is the most beautiful in autumn. Horse riding is all about being among nature - a walk to the pastures, to the forest, or simply to the hall from the stable - even when it rains sometimes. However, during a hacking trip in autumn, we will surely appreciate all the elements of autumn weather, and the landscapes presented in autumn colors and highlighted by the sun, or hidden behind the fog are a bit different to the usual. And the smell of fallen leaves or a slight chill in the morning complete the experience of traveling on a horse's back.


In addition, the autumn kitchen, which is warming up and full of characteristic flavors - such as mushrooms, pumpkins, cranberries etc. Such dishes do not taste the same at different times of the year. After returning from training or hacking, it is nice to eat well.


Check out the autumn offer here and enjoy the autumn riding trips!


Photo from 2.11.2018 during our trip to the area during a stay at SKH Nielepice, which will soon present its offer of trails and camps for 2020!