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How to plan a weekend riding getaway?


Weekend getaways can be divided into two types - planned and spontaneous. For the planned weekend we wait impatiently, while for a spontaneous one you only need to quickly decide and move! Both are an ideal form of spending the weekend actively relaxing amongst  nature. Then how do you plan to use this time as best?

As we have already written on our EQUI-blog in the post "Where to go for the weekend" - a weekend getaway provides us with the necessary dose of relaxation after a whole week of work and hassle. Therefore, to use it well it is worth planning - regardless of whether it will be a trip in a months’ time when the spring will be in full blossom or next weekend.

If you feel that you need a weekend just to lay in bed all day or in front of the TV absorbing the next season of the TV series, this is the perfect time to mobilize. Our body and brain will thank us during next week.

Here we will describe how easy it is to plan a weekend riding getaway.

  1. Determine who do you want to go with and what is their riding experience level. Maybe you want to go with people who do not ride a horse - then the non-horse attractions will also be important for you.
  2. If you have companions, who ride easily in all three gaits, then a weekend with a full-trail in Nielepice or Stanica Hucuł will probably be of interest to you.
  3. Or maybe you want to go alone? A horse riding trip is a perfect way to meet new people who share your passion.
  4. Decide what type of place you’d like to go to – a SPA hotel or an agritourism farm. Both options have their specificity and both are ideal for a weekend trip, depending on what you expect from the weekend - combining horses with wellness, other local attractions or the whole day in the saddle.

At EQUITANDUM website you can use our search engine to filter "Weekends in the saddle", then specify the level of progress and dates of departure. Just select a place and a specific stay, click "Book" and send us the booking inquiry by filling in the fields for all participants.


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Planning a weekend in the saddle does not have to be time-consuming – an advert-break during your favorite TV series is enough. And the time among horses will be a great treat for the weekend!