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How horse riding affects our health?


A sound mind in a sound body! Very true for horse riding - it's not just exercise! It's something much more - valuable time spent in a company of animals that positively affects our health, well-being and state of mind. All because it causes increased secretion of endorphins, the hormone of happiness. No wonder that after finishing our ride, every person has an excellent mood by engaging the whole body.

Horse riding has an excellent effect on our figure - an hour of riding allows us to burn even 300 to 600 calories depending on our skills, the experience level and intensity of our training. For this you also need to mention the exercise in the stable. All activities performed in the stable are a moderate intensity effort, which has a beneficial effect on the circulatory system.


From the ground, horse riding can seem simple - you just have to sit on a horse and everything will go smoothly. Unfortunately, it is not that simple. In horse riding the technique, motor coordination and the right attitude are very important. In addition, they should be combined with cooperation with the horse, which results in a large involvement of muscles. However, at the initial stage of learning horse riding, we do not focus on the role of muscles, but on maintaining the right balance and rhythm - we get used to maintaining the correct posture. For many people who spend hours at the desk, this element of horse riding is invaluable.


The lower body muscles do most of the work. It is important to realize that the most engaged are the thigh muscles, calves and buttocks. At the end it is worth remembering that it is also our core, which in a large extent helps us maintain the correct posture on a horse. While riding, the core is tight practically all the time. How much our body works while riding a horse we can only learn trying ourselves. After the first riding lesson, and maybe even more the day after, we feel strongly soreness of the adductor, deep abdominal muscles and those whose existence we did not know before.


Horseback riding is actually one big plus for our health - it helps to correct posture defects, strengthens the back muscles, abdomen and hips. In addition, it improves blood circulation, respiratory system, digestive functions, immune system, and additionally has an invaluable effect on our psyche - horse riding relaxes and calms down.