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Horseback riding in the hot weather


In recent days, a heat wave encourages people to leave the house and be active during their vacation. Many of us are going horseback riding. We use stays such as horse riding holidays or horse rallies. How to deal with high temperatures? How to dress for horse riding in hot weather?

First of all, let's take care of the water supply for ourselves and access to fresh water for the horse. Second, let's not go too far. In hot weather, during training, remember that too intense effort and high sun exposure may result in a heat stroke. Common sense is the basis of a good summer rest!


A few tips on how to take advantage of horse riding holidays in hot weather.


1. Stay hydrated on hot days

Always carry a bottle of water with you. Let's put her in a pannier or take her to the square. Let's use it from time to time to avoid dehydration of the body. It is a good idea to make up electrolytes in water. They are crucial for ensuring the proper functioning of the nervous and muscular systems. In addition, they help to maintain blood pressure at an appropriate level and support the work of the heart.

It is similar with horses - remember that they should have access to clean water. During long field trips, let's also make sure that the route includes a waterhole. It is not only a lake or a river, but let's look for places along the route where we can water our horses. Nice neighbors will certainly not refuse water to thirsty riders and horses. However, remember that horses should not drink immediately after intense exercise.


2. Choose riding in a forest - the best place in the shade

Every shade is better than a sunny square. If we have the opportunity to use a cool hall or a covered manege to learn horse riding - let's do it. However, if we can choose a forest in hot weather, do not think twice! Despite the insects, the benefits of off-road riding for horse and rider will be much greater. The temperature is naturally lower between the trees. The forest provides a soft shadow, and additionally, the persistent moisture reduces the feeling of heat for the body. Avoid driving in full sun through meadows or fields during the day. Let's stay in the shade.


3. Protect your body in hot weather, not only during physical exertion

For horse riding in the saddle, we should not give up long pants. Instead, choose the bright, natural colors of the breeches to reflect the sun's rays. Riding in shorts is only good bareback or while swimming with horses. In the saddle, without proper leg protection through long pants, we risk very painful abrasions, and even open wounds in contact with the saddle and stirrup leathers.

For horseback riding, let's wear a light blouse with shoulder straps or a light shirt. Let us not give up covering the body to avoid burns. In addition, remember to use sunscreen - not only while riding, but all the time in the sun.

Let's not forget the headgear! Not only in the form of a helmet during horse riding, but also in the form of baseball caps or straw hats outside of training.


After horseback riding, also provide adequate rest, hydration and cooling for your body and animals. Let's be careful during our holidays in the saddle, and we will definitely come back refreshed with a smile on our face!


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