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Holidays in the saddle in the mountains


Often holidays in the saddle are associated with a trip to the coastal areas or lowland lake districts. Gallops on the beach or through the forest to the horizon. How about shortening this horizon? Riding without knowing the view behind the forest line, behind the turn, on the top of the mountain? Let yourself be surprised and go with us to the mountains for your riding holiday!

Holidays in the saddle in the mountains are a different horseback travel experience. It remainds me of steep climbs to reach the next mountain top or steep descents, wandering between the trees.


This cooperation with your horse who knows best how to overcome such steep slopes, while I can sometimes suggest a better route while seeing more sitting on his back, so that it could be a bit more comfortable. And this feeling when standing in the stirrups I wonder if my legs are already on the horse's rump or still along its sides. Someone seeing us from the outside could think that I'm lying on a horse - just vertically.


In such places for some horses gallop is a big challenge, but if we find ourselves on a large field or on a long forest path, this gallop will be a pleasure for us and for the horse. Or maybe a gallop uphill? In the latter case, I am always impressed by how well the horse's rump works and how much strength they have. With great foule, climbing up, and from there stretches a new beautiful view. I am impressed with nature.


In the EQUITANDUM offer you will find several proposals for mountain trips:

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We wish you great mountain trips on the horse's back!