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Holidays in Poland or abroad


Statistically, most Poles spend their holidays in Poland, despite the unpredictable weather at the time of planning holidays. Therefore, we also ask ourselves this question: in Poland or abroad? The decision is difficult and depends on our preferences, and the holiday budget is not without significance. Today, we will consider differences in holidays in Poland or abroad in terms of holidays in the saddle.

1. Offer
You enter "holiday in the saddle" or "horseback riding" and ... a lot of suggestions. Such a truth - in Poland we have a very rich offer of spending free time in the saddle. Although, as we begin to browse, we see camps, camps for children and youth, sometimes we can find a camp for adults.

Maybe abroad? There are organized trips from Poland, as well as specialized travel agencies that have the whole world in their offer. Then we have a problem - what to decide on. From center-based trails, through trail trips, to places that offer field trips to the area with jumping or dressage training.

And what if we want to spend our holidays in Poland, but we do not want a camp, where time is mostly organized? What if we want to go on a holiday to rest, ride a horse, maybe do some sightseeing? Go to www.equitandum.com and in the locations tab, filter out trips by "Holidays for adults" or "Holidays with family". ?? You will find a multi-day trip packages with accommodation, food and horse riding, which are not camps. For now, these are trips mainly in Poland, but there will also be centers abroad.

2. Price
Holidays in Poland and abroad sometimes do not differ in terms of price, but if we want to find a trip at an affordable price, it's easier to do it in Poland. From ca EUR 300 per person upwards, you may find a trip in basic packages. You may also go to exquisite and luxurious places where you can enjoy horse riding and rest in excellent surroundings. When choosing a stay do not forget to check if transport is included.

3. Access
Once we have chosen a place where we would like to go in Poland or abroad, now we have to get there. We often have to organize this element on our own. Let's not forget that agencies that offer trips often already have knowledge about how to get there. If we do not know how to go about that - just ask.

In Poland, we will be able to reach most places by public transport, and we can travel by car everywhere. On the other hand, it is usually the easiest and cheapest way to travel by plane when going abroad. In distant places, it will be flights with interchanges and take some time off from holiday rest, although it will definitely be worth it. If, however, we do not want to spend time on long journeys, and only go abroad somewhere close, then do not forget to check the train connections. This is a great way to close travels also in Poland.

On the EQUITANDUM locations tabs you will find directions on how to get there. From the address and map, through the nearest public transport stop to information about the available transfer to the resort from the nearest airport.

4. Weather
Hmmm... Is this sometimes not the decisive element in our choice of holiday destinations? We complain about the weather in Poland and choose warm countries? Warm countries can be a good choice for lying on the beach or swimming pool. However, we would like to draw your attention to the fact that horse-riding trips are often available in cooler regions of the world in the warmest months. Horse riding in 40 degrees does not give anyone so much pleasure, and can even end badly. Animals adapted to life in these regions are better able to withstand high temperatures. Nevertheless, the owners often close the centers for this time for safety reasons. Keep in mind that we will not always find a trip anywhere in the popular July-August period.

Now it's your job! Summer Holiday planning has started! Poland or abroad? We leave it to you with the best wishes of successful trips on the horse's back!