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EQUITANDUM at the horse show & trade fair during CAVALIADA Tour 2018/2019


A huge thank you to everyone who visited the EQUITANDUM stand during Cavaliada in Poznań, Lublin and Warsaw. These were 3 crazy events that we could experience together with you - full of sports emotions, meetings with new equestrian centers, conversations with those who are looking for a holiday in the saddle or are just getting to know our portal concept.

It's good that we have our EQUI-blog - we have a place where we can share our impressions with you :) Since the first day of EQUITANDUM, we wanted to be available to you personally during the Cavaliada fair, and our stand has undergone a metamorphosis from the autumn void to spring flowering of colors, occasions and promotions.

We are very grateful for all the warm words about the EQUITANDUM idea and tips for further development. We note them carefully and we will definitely use them. There were a lot of hints - here are some of them:

  • "arrival with own horse" filter - currently this element is marked in the description of each place, but there is no such filter in the tab within the search engine - we will work on that :)
  • searching for centers via map functions - you liked our map at the stand :) we will try to introduce it also in the virtual version
  • offer for families with various horse riding experience - you can already choose an offer meeting your requirements, but we will try to present it in an even more transparent way.

We were very pleased with the reception of our new gadgets - polo shirts and caps with our elegant logo perfect for trips on the horse's back. You asked if they will be available - yes, they will soon be available for purchase through the store on our Facebook profile :) In addition, for every person booking a trip to the rally by EQUITANDUM polo shirt as a gift!

We’d like to thank the CAVALIADA organizers and exhibitors for the nice reception of the new player in the equestrian world. We hope to develop new cooperation with some of you and joint ideas in order to better support the development of equestrian tourism in Poland.

We are glad that the service received a good reception. We are already planning our presence at CAVALIADA during the 2019/2020 season, although earlier you will also find us during other events. We encourage you to follow our social media so that you do not miss any opportunity to meet. We invite you now - let's talk about travels on the horse's back!