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Advantanges of horse riding


Much has already been written and probably more articles are still to come about what horseback riding gives. One could list a lot of advantages, and in the end somebody will add something more. Because horse riding is a unique experience for everyone.

Taking up this post at first, I wrote that horse riding is a good frame of mind, physical coordination, strengthened body, learning responsibility and patience. I have studied scientific reports and wanted to give you a dose of reliable knowledge about what horse riding gives you. And then I looked at my photos from the competition and holidays ... and it turned out that behind these facts lurks another layer of horse riding advantages.

EQUITANDUM was founded to promote equestrian tourism as an active form of recreation. And so it is. However, behind this slogan there is more - making new great relationships with people met on trips, a sense of freedom during breathtaking canters and gallops for those who can, or amazing views from horseback during a walk in the woods or fields for those who start their adventure on horse's back. These are the moments, which brighten up the gray reality of everyday life, when recalled in our memories. Priceless!

In addition, with horses, you need to focus on what you're doing. You can not think about 1000 things at the same time, as it usually happens when we're running at work chasing subsequent deadlines or meetings. Horse riding teaches how to find peace and relaxation in yourself by focusing on what is here and now.

For today, that's enough considerations on the horse's back. Dry facts will be another time ;)


Ahoy adventure!

Barbara & Magnificent 7