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A family vacation in the saddle for everyone


Family holiday trips are often a dilemma for horse lovers when not everyone in the family shares your passion. Do you go on a family vacation to a nice resort by the beach? Or rather go to a horse camp? Or maybe go for a horse trail? And so when planning a vacation you have to weigh compromises and try to choose an option that is able to satisfy everyone. But is that really the case?

You also know that when during the holidays you see the "horse riding" sign somewhere, the thought immediately arises that maybe it would not disturb the family holidays if for an hour or two you would leave your family vacation and go for a ride? Or maybe your children, seeing that horses are nearby are beginning to beg "Mom! Dad! Can we see the horses? Can we go for a ride? Can we stop by? Can we?"

And what if you combined a family vacation with the riding passion of your family members? Do you think it's impossible? That someone will always be left behind and will be bored watching someone else ride a horse?

A family vacation in the saddle does not necessarily mean that everyone will ride a horse. Check the week-long holidays offer available on our site, where you will find information about the availability of stay for non-horse riders and other attractions available on-site and in the local area. You can choose from local attractions such as bike rides, walking tours, swimming pool, lake and much more.

However, for a trip to Energylandia - the biggest amusement park in Poland I would suggest waiting for those who ride horses! Yes, yes - you can go there during the saddle holidays in Stanica Hucuł.

Photo from a carriage ride during one of the trips to the ISKRA Stable, where nearby you can go to Malbork Castle.

We wish you a fun family vacation!