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400 km and 14 days in the saddle!


Beskids create perfect conditions for riding tourism. The Transbeskid Horse Trail is 400 km long and is the longest mountain horse trail in Poland. You have to spend 14 days in the saddle to travel all the way.

The Trans-Beskids' PTTK horse trail, designated in 2000, runs through all parts of the Beskids. It starts in Brenna in the Silesian Beskids, continues through the Beskid Żywiecki, Podhale, Pieniny, Beskid Sądecki and Beskid Niski and ends in Wołosate, which is located in the Bieszczady National Park.

The highest place on the trail is the Szczawin mountain in the Żywiec Beskid. The whole route is divided into fourteen stages, each of which corresponds to a one-day walking route, which is 6 - 8 hours. The beginning and the end of each stage is usually designated in the Mountain Tourism Center (OGTJ), only the fourth stage ends in an agritourism farm.

We invite you for short center-based trails in the Beskidy Mountains at Stanica Hucuł - weekend getaways in the saddle throughout the year!