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#3 from mountain trails


Add wood to the fire, singing is going up, the wind will carry it into a humid world. Each of us knows, we will meet agai... and the Bieszczady trail will connect us ...

Who is a Polish scout, he probably knows the lyrics of the song "Bieszczady Trail", which for sure gives a good view of trips to the Bieszczady Mountains. This mountain range is undoubtedly a region perfectly suited for mountain horse riding. For a long time, they have attracted lovers of horse vagabond. No wonder that it is here that there are exceptionally many equestrian centers, affiliated with PTTK. Here also many GTJ PTTK horse guides work, serving with their knowledge and experience to numerous tourists.


"Bieszczadzki trail" counts 150 km, which leads from Olszanica, through Ustrzyki Dolne up to Czarna. Most of the route runs along forest roads, and this route connects with other horse trails in such a way that you can visit the whole Bieszczady on the horseback.


Terrain of Bieszczady mountains is an ideal place for horse riding. It is worth knowing that a Hutsul horse - belonging to the archaic breed originating from the Hutsul region - is an inseparable element of the Bieszczady horse trails. In Bieszczady, these small horses can be found in practically every stud. They are incredibly resistant to harsh weather conditions.